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Leafs 2017 Centennial Classic Jersey Leak?

Leafs Centennial Leak

The Toronto Maple Leafs appear to be adding a splash of silver to their look for the upcoming 2017 NHL Centennial Classic.

Courtesy an image Tweeted to us via a reliable, anonymous source the Leafs will be wearing blue sweaters with a white and silver horizontal stripe across the chest and arms (similar to — dare I say it? The Montreal Canadiens). On the chest is the Leafs logo new for the 2016-17 season re-coloured to add silver veins in the leaf and a silver and blue outline around it.

Take a look:

Toronto Maple Leafs 2017 Centennial Classic JerseyNote that this is an infant jersey (as indicated by the “INF” tag), it isn’t uncommon for infant and toddler jerseys to omit or simplify details for the purposes of their smaller size so it’s entirely possible this isn’t the 100% exact on-ice design — for example, the logo might be larger, there may be a shoulder patch, or perhaps laces at the collar which we don’t see here.

The Maple Leafs have never worn a jersey design like this throughout their history, but while playing as the Toronto St. Pats the team wore a green and white jersey with a horizontal stripe across the front for several years in the 1920s.

Unfortunately no images of what the Red Wings may be wearing yet — but if the Leafs jersey is any indicator, combined with the colour schemes used in the NHL centennial season logos, I’d expect silver trim to go along with their classic red and white look.

The 2017 Centennial Classic will be played at Toronto’s BMO Field on January 1, 2017.



We’ve since been sent an additional photo of the jersey courtesy another Twitter user, this photo shows an adult size jersey which indeed includes laces at the collar.