Atlanta United Road Jersey Leaked


For a brief few moments this morning, an online sports apparel shop had listed a yet-t0-be-released Atlanta United away shirt in a women’s style available for sale. It was quickly removed, but as nothing truly disappears once it has been online, several eagle-eyed fans spotted it and took screenshots.

Take a look:

ATL Utd Road Jersey Leak

The description mentioned it being paired with matching grey shorts and socks.

I strongly believe that the red seen here is artificially misrepresented as it’s more a strawberry pinkish-red than ATL UTD’s actual darker shade of red.

Later in the day, footyheadlines posted a men’s version of the same shirt, from the same online shop showing the darker red:


Both show a monochrome team crest and MLS logo, tight, grey horizontal striping, and the trademark Adidas striping moving form the shoulders to the torso. It has been reported that the torso striping was a 2016-only design experiment, but apparently at least Atlanta will be sporting it for 2017.

The home jerseys, which managed to not be leaked at all, were unveiled at a large festive gathering in downtown Atlanta’s Tabernacle concert venue this Tuesday:

ATL UTD Home kit

The differences between the home and away are many. The most curious is the integration of grey, not currently present in any of Atlanta United’s marketing or merchandise. Their official team colours of black, gold, and red well represented in their home shirt, the away seems to abandon that dedication and bring a 4th colour into the fold… also strange is the move from vertical striping in the logo being modelled in the home shirt to the tight, horizontal striping n the away.

One might have picked up the chevron texture that has been present in all of ATL UTD’s marketing and thought that if a non-broad-vertical striping was going to be used, it would be zig-zag pattern from their website and marketing. Inconsistent looks, striping, colours, and patterns are a pet peeve of many in the uniform world, so this leak might be posed to offend those sensibilities.

Assuming the crest and striping will be the deep red and not the strawberry-shortcake seen above, do you like the away look? Are you into the grey shorts and socks? Or do you think this whole thing is a fake to throw off the fans and jersey obsessives?