Las Vegas NHL Announcing Name, Logo Tomorrow

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The Las Vegas [Something] Knights, the first National Hockey League expansion team in over 15 years, will unveil their team name and logo tomorrow night at a fan event. Things are scheduled to get underway at 8:30pm ET (5:30pm local) and you can bet (pun?) the announcement will be made sometime in the hour that follows.

What do we know? Well, compared to unveilings of years past, not much. Perhaps we’re partially to blame but the team and league has been keeping a pretty tight lid on everything surrounding this team.

That doesn’t mean we’re going in completely blind.

After a summer of searching domain and trademark registrations the collective Internet was able to narrow it down to a handful of names the team was considering. That list included several variations of different “Knight” and “Hawk” names, the team has since said it will be one of either the Desert Knights, Golden Knights, or Silver Knights.

We’re still not 100% sure if they’ll be “Las Vegas” or just “Vegas”. Their marketing materials all use the phrase “Vegas Hockey” but I’ve been told the team will unsurprisingly use “Las Vegas” as the geographic identifier. Both “Las Vegas” and “Vegas” have been used in the trademark registrations for all three potential “Knight” names.

As for the colours, noticed the rumoured colours were present in an email invitation sent out by the team last week:

Vegas Email

We see two different colour swatches, at the top is black on the side with red, gold, and beige. The bottom shows three horizontal stripes black, red, and gold. In both applications the red is just a thin line, so likely a trim colour. We’ll probably see a colour scheme dominated with black and metallic gold with red acting as a trim colour.

A closer look:

Colours at top of email on top, colours at bottom on bottom... which is it?
Colours at top of email on top, colours at bottom on bottom… which is it?

Nope. I don’t see silver. It probably won’t be Silver Knights.

After reviewing the email we noticed the banner showed what was most definitely a teaser of the new team logo, take a look:

The background of the banner appears to show a "V" shape
The background of the banner appears to show a “V” shape

SportsLogos.Net Forum user chcarlson23 shared his thoughts as to what we were looking at:

If that is the logo, it looks like the team will be the Golden or Desert Knights… The logo also looks like it’s going to be a Knights helmet with the eye-slits as a giant V. I actually kinda like it…”

Agreed. That’s definitely a “V” and it certainly feels like it’s the helmet of a knight.

Wish we could share more but that’s all we’ve got so far, looks like we’ll just have to all wait around until tomorrow night and be surprised together. Like the good old days.