2016 SEC Championship will use endzone designs from team stadiums

SEC championship endzones f
This year will be the 25th time that the SEC will have a conference championship game in football, and they’re marking the occasion in a couple of special ways with their field design.

First off, there’s the usual commemorative logo to mark an anniversary game, and this is the logo that will be painted at the 50-yard-line at the Georgia Dome this Saturday.

Then there are the endzones. For years, the endzones have basically been an afterthought and they just went with a generic font in the endzone that was painted in team colors with the school’s name.

That will be changing this year, since the powers that be have decided to paint the endzones with the designs that each team uses at their home stadium.

SEC championship endzones 2

SEC Championship endzones

Both endzones will be fully splashed out with color, which is a a welcome sight for a big game such as this. Personally, I’m always a fan of big, flashy endzone design for championship games (I’m actually a fan of big, flashy endzone designs, period). If you’ve made it far enough in the season to play in a huge game with big implications, then you may as well dress the field up for the occasion, right? So, I’m definitely a fan of this move by the SEC and the Georgia Dome’s field crew.

Meanwhile, the same crew is probably going to have a long weekend ahead of them — they’ve also got to get the field ready for a 1:00 PM ET Atlanta Falcons home game on the very next day. I hope that they’re loading up on coffee.