Navy goes back to their past with uniforms for 2016 Army-Navy Game

navy uniforms 2016 f
Just a day after Army unveiled their “Beat Navy” uniforms for the big 2016 game, Navy’s countered with their “Beat Army” uniforms.

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navy uniforms 2016 3

While Army took inspiration from past combat units, Navy and Under Armour decided to take a page from Navy’s previous football teams and have come up with a throwback look that honors the 1963 team in particular.

The 1963 team wore a yellow uniform with a gold helmet and the 2016 version pays homage to the color of the uniform, but also adds a futuristic twist to match the helmet with a high gloss yellow finish. The 2016 pant color is “Academy Gold.”

The 2016 uniform top has a block N with four stars on each shoulder, just as Navy wore in the 1963 Army-Navy Game.

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I’d like to place emphasis on the helmet, which is just lovely to look at. The shade of gold is beautiful, the striping is immaculate, and the logo on the side of the helmet is bold and immediately catches your eye. Simply put, it’s a perfect helmet for a special occasion game like the Army-Navy game, and this is a great look for the Midshipmen.

navy uniforms 2016 2

Overall, I’d say that Under Armour did a pretty good job of making sure that a somewhat modern-looking uniform still kept traces of a throwback look, so I’d say that they nailed it with this uniform. The bright and colorful look that the Midshipmen went with is a very interesting contrast to the mostly-gray look that Army went with this year, and it’ll be intriguing to actually witness the contrast when these two teams take the field this weekend.

What do you all think, though? Which team has the better look?