Nats Show Off New Patriotic Uniform for 2017

Washington Nationals New Uniform 2017

The Washington Nationals will have a new option for when they’re feeling extra patriotic during the upcoming 2017 season.

Officially unveiled last night at their Winter Fest fan gathering, the new jersey is identical to their existing home shirt except one obvious difference… the curly “W” has his stars-and-stripes pyjamas on. Explained another way, we now have a white version of the blue alternate from years past.

While not confirmed it’s expected this will replace that blue jersey and slide on in as a new alternate jersey for the capital’s senior circuit lads. Multiple reports from the event suggested there were references to the blue jerseys being “too hot” during those summer months when patriotism is in.

The new look should remind uniform fans of the Fourth of July jerseys the league had teams wear in recent seasons, it’s close but not quite the same — at least in 2016 that set didn’t make use of the stars-and-stripes pattern seen here, and the player jersey numbers on this set will not be changed from their standard home set as they typically are for MLB’s theme/holiday package.

Two new caps were also introduced — one red, one blue. Both are expected to be worn with this set, then when’s and why’s yet to be known. These caps really invoke feelings of the Fourth of July sets as both designs (nearly) identical to these have previously been part of the Nats’ collection.

Washington Nationals New Uniform Cap Jersey 2017

Washington’s new uniforms are the latest in a string of relatively minor MLB uniform tweaks announced for 2017 so far this off-season, they join the Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, and Arizona Diamondbacks to reveal their changes thus far.

The new caps and jerseys are already available for sale at, you can take a look and purchase via the links below:

Nats new red alternate cap 2017Nats new 2017 red NewEra authentic alternate cap

Nats new blue alternate cap 2017

Nats new 2017 blue NewEra authentic alternate cap

Nats new alternate jersey 2017

Nats new 2017 white Majestic alternate jersey