North Carolina FC unveils home kit; bonds with Norwich City over hashtags

North Carolina FC kits f
Last week, the former Carolina Railhawks became North Carolina FC and unveiled their new colors and logo as part of the rebranding in their efforts to someday make the jump to MLS.

north carolina FC 1

You had to figure that kits would come eventually, and after a few days and a quick campaign across their social media accounts, the team unveiled their home kit.

North Carolina FC kits 1

The kit itself is pretty simple — it’s an all-navy look with sublimated horizontal stripes and gold-trimmed Adidas stripes. Other than in the crest, there isn’t any red in the kit, and that’s really the only qualm that I’ve got with this particular kit. I like to see teams utilize their color scheme, and seeing one color get completely left out is a bit of an issue. Maybe they’ll address it with the away kit, but we’ll just have to see what happens. But overall, it’s not necessarily a bad-looking kit, though.

north carolina fc kits 2

Earlier today, the team sprung a surprise on us and “unveiled” their alternate jerseys as well. If you’re a fan of English side Norwich City, then you’d probably like this design.

North Carolina fc kits 3

This was done on purpose (and as a joke, if you can’t tell by the nameplate), because the two teams recently connected with each other due to the fact that North Carolina FC started using the hashtag #NCFC on social media. This encroached on the hashtag territory of the current 2nd-tier English team, and it caused a minor kerfuffle between the fans of both clubs because basically anything will cause a minor kerfuffle between sports fans on social media, nowadays.

However, both clubs appear to be taking it in stride, what with North Carolina coming up with this joke design and Norwich City responding with this:

North carolina fc kits 4

Here’s hoping that we’ll see a friendly match between these two teams at some point in the future — winner gets to keep the hashtag.