MetLife Stadium will have generic endzones for 2016 Week 15

metlife stadium f
This weekend is a unique one when it comes to the NFL. That’s because MetLife Stadium will be hosting two NFL games this week. The Jets will be hosting the Dolphins for a night game on Saturday, then the Lions will come into the stadium to play the Giants on the following afternoon.

This is a very unusual situation, and it probably would’ve been a very tricky one for the groundskeepers. Normally, MetLife Stadium is decked out in signage for the host team — right down to the endzones, which are painted in either Giants or Jets colors for the game.

However, it would take a pretty massive effort for the grounds crew at MetLife Stadium to do that for two games in one weekend — especially when the first game is a night game and the second game is a day game. As such, the crew came up with a decent solution: Just give the endzones the generic “nine diagonal slash lines” treatment and call it a day.

metlife stadium endzone

MetLife Stadium President/CEO Ron VanDeVeen explained it here:

…Due to the timing of Saturday’s 8:25 p.m. New York Jets game followed by Sunday’s 1 p.m. New York Giants game, coupled with the current weather forecast, the decision was made to use neutral end zones for this weekend’s contests. This decision will allow for appropriate maintenance of the playing surface throughout the weekend.

The crew will still put up the proper signage for both teams and the NFL’s logo will still feature prominently at the 50 yard line, but the endzone will be blank. It’ll be a bit of a strange look for both the Giants and the Jets, but it’ll be fine if it makes things easier for those particular workers.