NASCAR unveils first new logo in four decades

For 40 years now, NASCAR has had the same logo. It’s amazing that this logo managed to stand the test of time for as long as it did, but NASCAR managed to strike gold when they came up with this logo.

That logo has been a fixture for the top level of stock car racing in America for an extremely long time, and didn’t really need an update.. With that being said, if you’re going to give a longstanding logo an update, then you’d better come up with something solid. That’s exactly what the designers did here, as NASCAR has finally updated their logo and come up with a design that’s definitely worthy of being a successor.


This design has been in the works for a decent amount of time now, as NASCAR explained in their press release:

The NASCAR brand identity has been in development since early 2016 as part of a broader effort to refresh the NASCAR brand. It was designed to pay tribute to the storied history of NASCAR, incorporating elements of all four previous marks since the company’s inaugural season of 1948.

“Our new NASCAR mark is modern, timeless, and embraces the heritage of our sport,” said Jill Gregory, NASCAR senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “It was important for us to recognize our history and implement a piece of each previous mark in the new design. Our goal was to evolve the sport’s visual identity to make it concise, relevant and functional, while respecting and maintaining the unique qualities of the original mark.”

In addition, NASCAR’s premier series has a new sponsor and logo. It’ll be known as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Naturally, it incorporates the new logo as well.

NASCAR Monster Series

Now that you all have gotten a look at the new set of logos, what do you all think? I think it’s a solid upgrade over the old logo, but do you all agree with me?