NHL Adding Centennial Patches to Sleeve in New Year

NHL 100 Patch

The National Hockey League appears to be kicking off their year-long centennial celebrations as soon as possible in the new year.

Instead of waiting until the beginning of the anniversary season, which would be October 2017, the league is going to start with the beginning of the calendar year on January 1st. This according to a Tweet from Columbus Blue Jackets rink-side reporter, Dave Maetzold of Fox Sports Ohio.

The Tweet shows the NHL’s 100th anniversary logo, the number 100 in silver with a ribbon showing 1917 and 2017, placed on the sleeve under the number of a Blue Jackets jersey — a very unusual placement for a commemorative patch (under the number I mean, not a Blue Jackets jersey)

The NHL 100 patch is on the arm *below the number*
The NHL 100 patch is on the arm *below the number*

Immediate thoughts as to why there? League-wide consistency perhaps, as some teams such as the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers are unable to put a patch in the traditional upper-right front corner and other teams such as the Pittsburgh Penguins already have one taking up the spot. Or maybe the Blue Jackets are the only team doing it like this, we’re basing this all on one single Tweet.

The league will also celebrate their 100th year on January 1st with the playing of the Centennial Classic and kick-off of the Centennial Truck tour, they will also start using pucks featuring the “NHL 100” logo.