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Tennessee Titans will have updated uniforms by 2018 season

titansBack in August, Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk made some interesting comments when it comes to her team’s uniforms. She seemed to indicate that she did want to see the team make changes to the uniforms, but she stopped short of endorsing a full-on rebrand for her team.

Fast forward to January 2017, and we’re revisiting this piece of news because the Titans have decided that they will indeed have new uniforms in time for the 2018 season. The owner recently spoke to ESPN about the changes, and it’s clear that she’s excited about what’s in store for her team.

She said the alterations won’t be major — there is no color scheme or logo change ahead — but that she is confident fans will like the changes.

“I think they’ll be excited; it’s definitely going to be a wonderful update,” she said. “There are some little tweaks to it. It’s not even final yet, what we’ve done. We’re still in the process of talking.

“It’s a great process with the people at Nike and NFL Properties, the creative director there, it’s fantastic. They have great ideas.”

Now of course, it’s kind of imperative on her part to be excited about the changes. After all, she’s been the main one pushing the changes, and one way to make sure that the fans are excited about the upcoming changes is to actually be excited, yourself.

Either way, I’m taking this as good news. The Titans have a solid identity with decent uniforms, but unless you come across gold — like the Vikings and Bills just to name a few — then you can always benefit from a refresh every now and then. Their uniforms are indeed decent, but they’re borderline stale. Unless the Titans just decide to let Nike run roughshod over their entire identity and we see something similar to what the Jaguars and/or Browns are wearing now, then this could work out nicely for Tennessee.

For now, all we can do is speculate. What do you all think Nike has in line for the Titans? Are we going to see them go crazy, or will the Titans have great uniforms coming and their owner be proven a soothsayer? Let us know what you think!