New Jersey Devils to Wear Rockies Inspired Patch

Devils Rockies Patch

The New Jersey Devils will be acknowledging a sometimes forgotten, yet very important piece of their history tomorrow night.

In a continuation of a pre-game ceremony to add original Devils owner Dr. John J. McMullen to their “Ring of Honor” (sic) the team will wear patches in the shape of the Colorado Rockies logo re-coloured to match the original colours of the Devils.

It’s a combination of these two logos, basically:

rockies devils logos


The New Jersey Devils moved from Denver, Colorado where they were known as the Rockies in the Summer of 1982. The Rockies had played in Denver since 1976, for two seasons prior to that they were known as the Kansas City Scouts.

Dr. McMullen purchased the Colorado Rockies in the Spring of 1982 and almost immediately relocated the team to East Rutherford, NJ where they took on the Devils name and introduced the red and green logo you see above. New Jersey used the red and green version of that familiar logo until 1992 when they dropped the green in favour of the black still in use today.

Another look at the patch via the official Twitter account of the Devils mascot:

Devils Rockies Patch 2017

This is not the first time an NHL team has worn the logo of their previous location on their jersey, the Calgary Flames have brilliantly used the logo of the old Atlanta Flames as their alternate captain patch for over a decade now:

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 17.54.13