No Alternate Jerseys in NHL Next Season

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According to a report in Minnesota’s Star-Tribune, National Hockey League teams will *not* be wearing alternate uniforms in the 2017-18 season. This is a story I had been hearing about behind-the-scenes for a few weeks now, so I’m pretty comfortable confirming that this report is accurate.

The NHL last went a season without alternates in 2007-08 which was the first season after the league-wide switch to Reebok as the in-game jersey manufacturer; similarly to 2007 the league is switching over from Reebok to Adidas next season.

Note that this applies to “alternate” uniforms, which is the regular not home, not road uniform that your favourite team wears throughout the season, this doesn’t necessarily apply to throwback uniforms or those worn during outdoor games. In that 2007-08 alternate-free season the Sabres and Penguins both still wore their throwback uniforms during the Winter Classic.

Islanders black-and-white uniforms could be gone next year
Islanders black-and-white uniforms could be gone next year

Assuming no teams make a home-alternate switch (I already know of at least one which will be switching, that story is coming up next), this means the (temporary?) end of some favourite uniforms like the Capitals throwbacks, the Ducks oranges with the Mighty Duck logo, the Avs’ Colorado Rockies inspired navy blue, the Canucks hockey stick, and the Blue Jackets cannon. Again, some of those might be promoted to the new home set, and some could be back in 2018-19 after a one-year break.

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