Golden Knights Give a Glimpse at their Unused Logos

Vegas Golden Knights Logo

The Vegas Golden Knights were kind enough to give all us logo fans a peek behind the curtain the other day by showing us early logo sketches, and additional concepts that ultimately were not selected.

The wall of sketches was seen in episode two of their documentary series “Behind the Vegas Ice”, a screencap of the logos was thankfully captured by “The Sin Bin” (which is extra fortunate because we aren’t able to view the video up here in the land of geo-blocked web content).

Here’s the cap:

from Behind the Vegas Ice, screen cap via The Sin Bin
Still from “Behind the Vegas Ice”, screen cap via The Sin Bin

What we can see is the idea of the “V” on the knight’s helmet was always there, one concept shows a glimpse at the face of the knight which might have been passed on due to a similarity with the Ottawa Senators logo.

Vegas and Ottawa

No the design isn’t the same but the idea is very similar.

There’s also some attempts at a secondary logo such as a “VEGAS” wordmark angled on a field as well as one similar to the eventual final alternate mark but enclosed on a shield.

Vegas Secondary sketches