The NFL is not happy about Chargers moving to Los Angeles

Chargers Logo
Boy, it really is a rough time to be associated with the Los Angeles Chargers. First, they received the scorn of their fans in San Diego by throwing 50+ years of being in the town to the wayside after moving to LA. Then they received a healthy amount of scorn for their new-and-already-dead logo. Now, it turns out that the NFL itself isn’t a fan of the Chargers going slightly north.

According to CBS Sports (via ESPN), both the league office and owners across the league are not happy with the decision the Chargers have made. This piece from CBS’s article sums it all up in a succinct manner:

Not only did Goodell say that keeping the Chargers in San Diego was a priority, but he also promised to give the city a Super Bowl if it could figure out a way to build a new stadium.

As for the owners, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora can explain why they’re upset. As La Canfora reported in early January, several owners had “grave concerns” about putting a second team in L.A. so soon.

After 21 years without a team, the league didn’t want to rush into L.A. The owners and the league also didn’t want to put a second team in the market with the Rams still trying to win fans over after a rough season. If the NFL starts to struggle in L.A., the owners are going to blame Spanos.

So what does this mean for the Chargers? It means that there’s still a very, very small possibility that the team could stay in San Diego. Even with the backlash and scorn that the Chargers have received lately, I still think that they’ll probably end up staying in their presumed new home once it’s all said and done.

As far as the uniforms and logo are concerned, things still wouldn’t change whether they leave San Diego or not. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the Chargers would keep the same uniforms for next season and we already knew that they’d be keeping their logo set mostly intact so things would stay the same in that regard. The only question now is whether or not the pressure will be enough to convince the Chargers to stay put.

Either way, it’s been a truly stormy period for the Bolts as of late. They’re on their way to a city that doesn’t want them, and they’re leaving a city that’s absolutely livid with them. It’s truly a lose-lose situation for them right now — but at least they’re keeping those powder blue uniforms, right?