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Alternative Facts Super Bowl LI Merchandise

Super Bowl LI phantom shirt

Green Bay vs Pittsburgh in Super Bowl LI? Hey, that was almost a thing!

But New England made it through yet again and Atlanta rose up to make their first appearance since 1999.

We almost had a re-match of Super Bowl XLV which was the first Super Bowl to use the standardized/template logo which now seems to have been tweaked a bit here in LI. It was also the last Super Bowl in which the team wearing white lost the game, in fact you can go all the way back to Super Bowl XXXIX(!) and that Packers victory over the Steelers in XLV is still the only one to have the team wearing dark winning the game. That’s 11 of the last dozen Super Bowls has seen the team wearing white jerseys celebrating with the trophy afterwards.

Atlanta gets to choose the jersey, so, I dunno, take that into consideration? We’ll just tuck away link to for everyone this article where I suggested Green Bay do the same in 2011.

Below is a sampling of what we call “phantom merchandise“, items prepared in the event the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers won their respective conference championship games. These are all the actual graphics you would have seen on shops advertising the items for sale, cropped and watermarked because things happen.


Super Bowl LI phantom shirt 2

Super Bowl LI phantom pennant

Steelers AFC Champs cap

Steelers AFC Champs shirt

Packers NFC Champs cap

Packers NFC Champs shirt

Steelers AFC Champs shirt nike


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