2017 Pro Bowl uniforms return to red and blue, but add neon

2017 pro bowl uniforms
The excitement for Super Bowl LI may be building, but the NFL is currently focusing on the annual showcase of the best players who aren’t playing in the Super Bowl this year — The Pro Bowl! The pro football All-Star game is going to be in Orlando this year, and since the NFL’s one-year obsession with gold has come to an end, the league and Nike have decided to go back to traditional colors of red for the AFC and blue for the NFC.

2017 pro bowl nfc 1

2017 pro bowl nfc 2

That’s where the traditional design ends, though. Nike and the NFL may be going with red and blue, but since we’re in the 2010s, they’ve decided to add neon/volt green accents to the uniforms, while the numbers appear to be in a charcoal black shade.

2017 pro bowl afc 1

2017 pro bowl afc 2

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Pro Bowl uniforms have had features that could double as a glow-in-the-dark ensemble. Both the 2014 and 2015 Pro Bowls saw the teams wearing gray, volt/neon green, and bright orange. So it’s not a huge shock to see the teams wearing neon highlights again. It’s just a bit weird to see it paired with the traditional Pro Bowl colors of red and blue.

We haven’t seen the pants yet, but I’d imagine that we’ll probably see both teams go with a monochrome look as well. Judging by the look of the jersey, white pants appear to be highly unlikely (and would be pretty boring, to be honest), and volt pants would be absolutely absurd. So if you’re going to watch the game on Sunday, you might want to get ready for a Pro Bowl edition of the Color Rush. Hooray?

Anyways, what do you all think of the jerseys? Did you like the application of neon green? Are you impressed with the AFC’s impression of the Atlanta Hawks?