Leak Allows Sneak Peek at 2017 MLB Spring Caps

MLB Florida Spring Training

Hey everyone… two weeks till baseball’s back!

And with that we’ve got our first look via a leaked photograph of what we might expect with the new 2017 MLB Spring Training caps.

Via a poster on the SportsLogos.Net message board, the photo shows a New York Yankees cap in the traditional midnight blue with the Florida Spring Training road sign logo on the side, on the bill however…

Yankees Spring Cap 2017


Alright quiet everyone. Calm down.

Yes pinstripes.

It’s been confirmed to me that this cap is legit and is just one of two special New York Yankees caps the players will wear during Spring Training, presumably this is the home version and there will be a road one — with, let’s just guess… a grey bill instead?

Side patch with 2017 on the shield
Side patch with 2017 on the shield

Again, this cap is only for Spring Training. If baseball needs to let out some creative steam then doing so for games which don’t mean anything is the best time to do so, especially with a uniform like the New York Yankees.

We’re expecting the full line of 2017 Spring Training caps and jerseys to be released any day now as it was actually a year ago tomorrow that the 2016 collection was unveiled.

But the most important news of all this, again, is that baseball is back in two weeks. Exhale.

UPDATE Jan 27/17 12:30pm ET

Thanks to a tip from @GuitaristRobDog we learned that the shared Spring home of the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians have also shared photos of their Spring caps via their @GoodyearBP twitter account:

Reds 2017 Spring Cap

Indians 2017 Spring CapThe Reds cap is the same as those worn by the team last Spring but with the updated patch on the side, Cleveland’s cap last year had a white front panel instead of red.


UPDATE II Jan 28/17 11:48am ET:

Thanks to Twitter user @RichieIsBack, a look at the Kansas City Royals 2017 collection. Both cap and jersey appear to be the same as last season:

Royals Cap

Royals Jersey