Purple Haze: Colorado Rockies Tweak Colours for 2017

Rockies Jersey Colour Change

The Colorado Rockies today announced they would be changing the shade of purple they use in their official colour scheme. In the photo above, via Thomas Harding of MLB.com, the new shade of purple can be seen on the jersey and cap to the left.

Making the shift to a brighter, more “purpley” shade of the colour, this change affects everything the club uses and wears on a day-to-day basis — the logo, cap, jersey, website, social media, stationary if there’s such a thing still.

The problem was that the particular shade of purple the club had been using (PMS 273) tended to look different based on what it was used on (cap, jersey, print) and even from venue-to-venue. The new colour reportedly can be reproduced much more consistently wherever necessary.

“Just watching us on games, at different parks it looked different based on the lighting in the ballpark,” Rockies director of retail operations Aaron Heinrich told Thomas Harding of MLB.com. “In some ballparks, it looked like we were wearing blue. In some ballparks it was a dark purple.”

The new shade of purple is PMS 2865 according to the MLB.com post, it marks the first change in the Rockies’ 24-year franchise history to either the team’s logo or their colour scheme.

Here’s a side-by-side using the official colours to help show the differences:

Rockies Purple Change on Logo Rockies Purple Change