Detroit Lions Introduce New Logo, Remove Black

Lions New Logo

Via an update to the graphics on their various social media platforms, the Detroit Lions today announced they would be removing black from their primary logo for the 2017 season.

The change comes after comments from the club last year suggesting a tweak would be coming shortly to the Lions’ logos and uniforms.

It’s a fairly simple change, what once was black is now silver giving the Lions a look much more in line with the visual history of their franchise. The detail to the lion, introduced in 2009, remains.

Detroit Lions Logo Compare

Also introduced today is a new wordmark logo, which you can see on the current header to their Facebook page:

Lions New Social Media Banner

No word on how this change will affect the uniforms, you’d think it’d be a simple straight-up removal of the black from the set however the Lions’ official online shop shows this new black-free logo on a few black t-shirts, so it’s entirely possible that black is still an official part of the colour scheme.

Lions Shop Shows Black

In the meantime, we can all look forward to what is likely the return to a blue and silver Detroit Lions team and fondly remember the days of the great Barry Sanders:

Barry Sanders Detroit Lions

UPDATE Feb 1/17 11:16am ET:

So looks like there is no black on any of the official team logos or uniforms for next season, but, about that second part of the Tweet?