Is this the new Chicago Fire secondary kit?

2017 chicago fire leak f2
We’re getting closer and closer to the start of another Major League Soccer season, and we’ve already seen new looks for the Timbers, the Union, and Atlanta United‘s inaugural home look. There are still plenty of kits that have yet to unveiled and those will come in the near future — whether they’re officially unveiled or leaked.

In the case of the Chicago Fire, we may have our first leak of 2017 on our hands. An intrepid user over on the Fire’s subreddit posted what appears to be a picture of the new Chicago Fire away shirt.

2017 chicago fire leak 1

Of course, we’ve got to stress that since this is a leak, there’s a decent chance that this may not be legit and the final product may look different from what we’re looking at here. With that being said, it fits all the hallmarks of what we’ve seen from Adidas when it comes to MLS kits this year. The truncated stripes on the shoulder are there, the thick sleeve cuffs are there, and the general design of the shirt looks like something we’d see the Fire wear. Again, we won’t know if this is legit until we see the real deal, but it’s looking like this is probably what the Fire will be wearing for the next couple of seasons as a clash kit.

So what do you all make of this? Are you hoping that this is legit for the Fire?

UPDATE — So, shortly after this post went up, we got this image from an anonymous source, which seems to lend credence to the theory that this is probably a legit design for the Fire.

2017 chicago fire leak 2