MLB Unveils 2017 Spring Training Uniform Designs

2017 MLB Spring Training - New Caps

Just looking at those palm trees in the graphic above has me feeling nice and warm again. It must be time for baseball!

Major League Baseball this morning unveiled their new 2017 Spring Training collection, this is the league’s second season (a look back at the 2016 launch here) treating the spring as one of their “jewel events”, putting it on par — graphically, at least — with grand events such as the All-Star Game and Postseason.

There are a few changes when it comes to caps across the board, the Spring Training patch has been moved from the left side to the right (to make room for the New Era logo, yeah, forgot about that didn’t ya?), and the colours of those shield patches have also changed.

As for teams, most of the new designs are featured in the photo above. We’ll first take a look at each one of the new caps before doing an entire league-wide overview.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - NY Yankees

New York Yankees have added their legendary pinstripes on white to the visor of their home Spring Training cap, they’ve also introduced a road version featuring a grey crown and blue visor.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - Seattle

The Seattle Mariners may win the day with their new cap, featuring their retro “trident” logo from 1977-1980 updated with the modern colour scheme. Kind of the reverse of their Sunday “fauxback” regular season set.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - Cubs

Da Champs will give the M’s a run for their money on winning the day, the Chicago Cubs introduce an alternate Spring cap with their very missed, very loved “angry cub” logo which from 1979 through 1993 graced the sleeve of their uniform top.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - Atlanta

Atlanta has added a second cap, midnight navy blue with just the tomahawk from their logo laid out across the crown.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay now has three(!) Spring Training cap options, all of which feature their sunburst logo. The new one for 2017, shown above, has a powder blue crown and visor with a white front panel.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - Cleveland

Cleveland follows up their World Series appearance with a new Spring cap, the plain blue C on red panel with navy blue crown and visor replaces the white front panel from last season.

2017 MLB Spring Training Caps - NY Mets

Lastly, the New York Mets continue their elimination of Mr. Met from the uniforms, replacing him with their usual “NY” mark on blue with an orange visor.

Here’s a look at the entire league split up by Florida and Arizona camps, click either of these two images below for a closer view:

2017 MLB Spring Training - Caps Grapefruit League


2017 MLB Spring Training - Caps Cactus League

Team jerseys are pretty much the same as they were last Spring, the only difference is an update to the pattern used on the numbers and letters, and the sleeve patch (re-coloured as mentioned earlier) now also says 2017 instead of 2016.

A small sampling of some of this year’s jerseys (hey, there’s Colorado’s new purple!):

2017 MLB Spring Training Jerseys


A closer look at the new jersey patches and a glimpse at the name/number pattern:2017 MLB Spring Training Jersey PatchesThe numbers this year are pretty bare bones (aside from the pattern), they’ll all be single-layer, single-colour numbers as you can see in the examples above. This also means Toronto’s split-style numbers are going to look a less interesting during the Spring this year, unfortunately, but hey at least you can see the pattern… right?

2017 MLB Spring Training - Jays Numbers


Here’s a closer look at that pattern, used for both the player number and name (where applicable):

2017 MLB Spring Training - Number Detail

The “Train to Reign” theme is returning this year, as with everything else shown in this post these hoodies will only be used during Spring Training. Every team follows the same design, just swap out the colours and logos where necessary:

2017 MLB Spring Training - HoodiesFinally, Spring Training branded baseballs will also be making a return this year. Same design as last but with the year updated:

2017 MLB Spring Training Baseballs


The league also made official their new batting practice jersey which we had already seen on the MLB Shop and covered here on Wednesday, nothing new really to report on this front since then.

As we noted at the time the jersey features a new 3/4 length sleeves and will be worn for batting practice and pre-game workouts during Spring Training as well as the regular season. In our post Wednesday we said they would not be worn during the Spring, to clarify — we meant they wouldn’t be worn during games in Spring Training, unlike batting practice jerseys from 1982 through 2015.

That’s it! Pitchers and catchers in ten days!