Brooklyn Nets announce Infor as jersey sponsor for 2017-18

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The cascade of jersey sponsorships upon NBA uniforms continues to roll on, as the Brooklyn Nets are now the latest team to announce their jersey sponsorship for the 2017-18 season. The team announced on Twitter that they will be sponsored by software company Infor, and also gave us a look of how the patch will look on their jerseys.

Nets sponsor 1

Infor will be paying $8 million for the rights to put their logo on the Nets’ jerseys next year, and of the three teams who have already unveiled their jersey sponsorships, this logo is by far the most visible. While the other teams at least tried to color-coordinate with the team’s visual identity, it appears that Infor and the Nets just decided to slap the red logo on the jersey and call it a day.

This is an example of jersey sponsorship deals gone bad and it’s also an example of what fans fear the most when it comes to ads invading the space of uniforms. Instead of trying to integrate with the team’s identity, they went with this solution and it’s a bit lazy. What’s sad is that this all could have been fixed pretty easily, as evidenced by this mockup from a fan on Twitter.

Credit to @TheNasher61 on Twitter for this mockup
Credit to @TheNasher61 on Twitter for this mockup

So, what do you all think of this one? Are you a fan of the random splash of red on the Nets’ uniforms? Is this an example of what’s to come from other teams?