Handful of MLS clubs have leaked jersey designs

2017 san jose leak f
As the Major League Soccer kit rollout continues on, it’s always inevitable that kit leaks are going to come. After all, this is soccer and there are three universal guarantees in this sport: Bayern Munich will win some kind of trophy in Germany, either Ronaldo or Messi will win the Ballon d’Or until they retire, and soccer clubs will probably see their new jersey get leaked before it’s officially released. When it comes to the final guarantee, five MLS clubs have proven that to be a fact of life as they’ve ended up seeing their new 2017 jersey get leaked.

First we’ll start with Atlanta United. We’ve already seen this design before, and if anything, this just confirms that the leak we saw earlier in the offseason (shortly after their grand unveiling of their home kit) was actually legit.

2017 atl leak

The next two kits have also been seen as well and are confirmations of earlier reports from the reliable crew over at Todo Sobre Camisetas. These two kits belong to D.C. United and Orlando City. For United, this will be their new clash kit for the upcoming season, while the Lions will be sticking with a mostly purple shirt for their home kit.

2017 dc united leak

2017 orlando leak

Then we have two new shirts that haven’t been seen yet. Real Salt Lake will be sticking with appears to be a very plain-and-simple white shirt for their clash kit. Of course we can’t see the shorts yet, but maybe this is their way of paying tribute to their Spanish namesake?

2017 rsl leak

Meanwhile, the San Jose Earthquakes new home shirt is a big departure from what we’ve seen them wear in the past. If you’re a fan of the Quakes’ crest and seeing big, ’90s-esque designs on a shirt, then you’ll be a fan of this. If not, then I hope that you’re sitting down for this one.

2017 san jose leak

Again, all of these images are coming from an anonymous-yet-reputable source (via Conrad Burry) so there’s definitely reason to believe that these are the shirts that you’re going to see when they’re officially unveiled. But for now, what do you think? Which one is your favorite of the entire crop of leaked shirts?