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Utah Jazz will use jersey sponsorship to raise money for cancer research

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The Utah Jazz are the latest team to announce their jersey sponsorship for the upcoming season, and they may end up being the best one of the bunch so far. The Jazz have teamed up with tech company Qualtrics, but Qualtrics won’t be going on the jersey. Instead, the company’s charitable research wing–Five for the Fight–will be placed on the jersey.

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In fact, cancer research is an issue that is important to the very foundation of Qualtrics, as you can see below:

In 2002, Scott Smith was diagnosed with cancer. His son Ryan moved home to be with his dad. To spend time together, the two of them began working on a tech project. That small project grew into Qualtrics, a multi-billion dollar tech company that serves more than 8,000 enterprise clients in over 90 countries. Today, Ryan is still serving as CEO and Scott is thankfully cancer free.

But long before Qualtrics was successful, Ryan and Scott decided that if their basement startup ever turned into anything, they would focus their philanthropic efforts on funding cancer research in an effort to eradicate this horrible disease. That’s why they launched 5 For The Fight. And that’s why their inviting all of us to join them in this cause.

So it makes sense that the company would decide to use the Jazz’s uniform as a platform for this. While other teams have gone the corporate route with their sponsorship, it’s very cool to see the Jazz get creative by deciding to go down the route of using their ad space for charity.

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Plus, from a visual standpoint, this works out since it doesn’t stick out like a thumb and seamlessly blends in with the rest of the uniform. It’s not distracting and it’s being used for a good cause. This is as good as it’ll get when it comes to jersey sponsorships, so hats off to the Jazz and Qualtrics for their efforts here.