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Minnesota United FC sees their inaugural home kit leak

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While Atlanta United wasted no time unveiling their home kit for their inaugural season (and actually decided to reveal their secondary kit by pulling a Mighty Ducks and wearing the new unis during the second half of their first preseason game), Minnesota United FC has been a bit more patient. In fact, the expansion team announced that they would wait until February 17th before unveiling their home kit.

However, it appears that patience isn’t a virtue, because their kit has indeed leaked ahead of schedule.

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This image comes from the same anonymous source (via Conrad Burry) who managed to acquire the other leaked images of MLS kits this season, so it’s a safe bet that what you’re looking at above is probably the real deal.

If it is indeed legit (and it probably is), then it’s a straight-forward design of a kit. Similar to Atlanta United, the team decided to use the striping pattern in the crest as a base for the kit design. That means we’ve got a gray shirt with a light blue sash, which is an interesting look to say the least. It’s definitely not as eye-catching as some of the stuff that they’ve worn in their days as an NASL side, but it’s still interesting.

What do you all think? Do they look as good as their expansion brothers in the South? Does the sash work for you?