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U.S. Presidents: Sports, Logos, and Uniforms

Obama Cubs Jersey

Happy President’s Day to our friends in the United States! Here’s a series of sports and/or logo-related president things.

The modern American President usually leaves office with a fairly swell personalized jersey collection, recent tradition dictates a winning sports club visits the White House in Washington and presents the President with their own team jersey, name and number on the back (usually either the president’s number in order of election, the number 1, or the current year). These jerseys typically end up donated elsewhere, with some going to their presidential library.

As important people presidents also get to throw out first pitches at Major League Baseball games. A tradition which dates back to President William Howard Taft in 1910. Sometime around President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s Presidents moved out of the stands and onto the mound, decked out in home team colours, to throw the pitch.

Going back to President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1960, here’s every U.S. President throwing out a first pitch – note some of these photos were taken either before or after their tenure but most were during:
Presidents First Pitches

Like sports teams, presidents also have logos… typically only seen during the campaign season the logos are always red, white, and blue (because how else would you know they love America?) and typically feature some sort of stars and stripes pattern. Usually once a running mate has been added to the ticket their name gets added to the logo which had existed previously.

Here’s a collection of the logos used during the election by the winning ticket back to 1984:

(Click any logo for a larger view)

And I couldn’t end this post without a “shout-out” to the best presidential-themed sports logo out there, the Minor League Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats and their original “Primaries” team logo. Now used as a promotional or alternate logo a few times a year.