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Detroit Tigers will wear patch honoring late owner

Tigers Mr. I home f
Earlier this month, the Detroit Red Wings unveiled a patch and on-ice logo that would pay tribute to the late Mike Illitch. The legendary owner of both the Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers passed away earlier this month, and now his teams are paying tribute to him.

The Tigers will also pay tribute to Illitch with a patch on their jerseys.

Tigers Mr. I home

The above patch is in the home jersey’s navy-and-white colors, while the patch below will probably be worn on the away jerseys this season.

Tigers Mr. I away

As you can see, the patches are very similar to what the Red Wings will be wearing. The font is a bit different but the general idea is the same. Both teams are trying to pay tribute to their beloved Mr. I, and both teams will make sure that the legendary owner will be remembered each time you look at their jerseys for this season. There’s no word yet on whether or not we’ll see the team paint the Mr. I logo on the field at Comerica Park this season, but if they’re willing to do it for the ice at the Joe Louis Arena, then maybe we’ll see something similar at the ballpark.

Either way, it’s pleasant to see both of Illitch’s teams paying tribute to their longtime owner.