LA Rams will evolve identity for 2017-18; Confirm new unis for 2019

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The Los Angeles Rams have already been making steady movement towards abandoning gold in favor of a simple blue-and-white color scheme, and their uniforms for next season have made the path to their goal even clearer. The team announced that they will be “evolving” their uniforms for the 2017 season, and that includes a new set of pants that they’ll choose from via Twitter and Facebook polls.

Yes, a real-life National Football League franchise is using social media polling to determine what uniform they’ll be wearing next season. What a time to be alive.

Single stripe or double stripe? Which do you prefer?
Single stripe or double stripe? Which do you prefer?

Meanwhile, the team basically confirmed that the blue-and-white logo that came into use this season is, for all intents and purposes, their new primary logo. The Rams also confirmed that the long-rumored uniform change for 2019 will be happening as well. So we can officially begin to speculate as to what the Rams will look like in that particular season.

Here’s the word straight from the Rams themselves:

This change removes the gold from the team’s pants and follows the blue and white logo that the team will be using moving forward.

The Rams will continue to wear the white jersey worn in 2016 which contains navy and hints of gold.

The team is continuing to explore a full rebrand, including new uniforms, that will be unveiled in 2019.

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So, what do you all make of this? Which option did you vote for? Are you in favor of the Rams going back to their blue-and-white color scheme instead of going for the blue-and-yellow scheme? Let us know what you think.