LA Rams continue to eliminate gold from color scheme with new helmets

Rams white helmet f
Yesterday, the Los Angeles Rams put themselves back in the logo/uniform news cycle when they announced that they were going with blue-and-white as their main color scheme. From the blue-and-white logo to the similarly-colored pants, it appeared that the last vestiges of gold would be on the Rams’ jerseys and helmets.

As far as the helmets go, that appears to be no more. Remember the white Ram horn decals with gray facemasks that the Rams wore for their Color Rush game against the Seahawks last season? If you liked that helmet, then we’ve got good news for you — They will be wearing white decals going forward.

Rams white helmet 2

When the Rams said that they were embracing their new color scheme, they really weren’t kidding. In two days, they’ve managed to eliminate gold from their pants and gold from their helmets, leaving the only traces of gold on the jersey. This isn’t a full-scale change (which will be coming in 2019), but it’s definitely an evolution.

rams white helmet 1

Meanwhile, just like they left the decision of which pants stripe to go with to the fans, they’ve done the same thing with their choice of facemask. The Rams are leaving it up to their Twitter followers and Facebook fans to determine which facemask they’ll be wearing.

Blue facemask or white facemask? Which one did you vote for?
Blue facemask or white facemask? Which one did you vote for?

I’d also have to imagine that this is their way of getting the general public ready for their big uniform unveiling in 2019. I don’t think that they’d abandon the blue-and-white ship after such a short period of time, so I’d guess that whatever they come up with in 2019 will have the same color scheme.

But for now, if you’re a fan of gold then you may as well watch their games from last season or film of their time in St. Louis, because those days appear to be long gone.