Colorado Rockies Swap Primary and Alternate Logos

Rockies Logo Swap 2017

After 24 seasons, the only primary logo the Colorado Rockies have ever known is being replaced.

The Rockies will be swapping their primary and alternate logos for the 2017 season, getting the bump up to “primary” status is the black and silver “CR” logo which is more recognized as the logo the club has always worn on their ballcaps. The “rocky mountain” logo will still be used officially as an alternate logo, it will continue to be worn on the sleeve patch.

Per Rockies Communications in an email to SportsLogos.Net, the logo swap was made official on their style guide so that media, opposing teams, and MLB will be more consistent. The team apparently preferred that the same logo, in this case the “CR” would be used across the board rather than some using the “CR” with others using the baseball mountain.

Colorado Rockies New Logo 2017

Basically you’ll see the “CR” logo in print and other media more often in 2017 than you did in 2016.

Of course this isn’t the only branding change the Rockies made this off-season, the team had also adjusted the shade of purple on both the logos and on-field uniforms.

Colorado joins seven other teams to promote their alternate or cap logos to “primary” status, in the past decade or so we’ve seen the Diamondbacks, Pirates, Padres, Indians, Angels, Tigers, and (earlier today) the Marlins all make this swap.