LA Rams finalize evolved home uniform for 2017

rams 2017 uniforms f
This week ended up being an eventful one for the Rams as far as their uniform is concerned. They promised to “evolve” their uniforms ahead of a larger identity change in 2019, but for now they will have a new look for the next couple of seasons on the field.

The Rams have decided to go with a blue-and-white look for the foreseeable future, and they gave their fanbase the power to determine which pants stripe and facemask the team would go with. The fans have spoken, and the team will be going with white facemasks and a single blue stripe on the pants.

Rams 2017 uniforms

For reference’s sake, here’s what the team looked like last year:

This will be the Rams' home combo for this season

It’s still a bit strange that the team is able to make these changes to their helmet and pants, but can’t change the jersey. This would look a lot better without the gold, and it’s weird because now the jersey sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to the rest of the uniform. It’s going to be an awkward two seasons until they can make their major changes, and it’s a shame because this has the potential to actually be a solid-looking uniform. Oh well.

Anyways, now that the Rams and their fans have come up with a new look, what do you all think of it?