Adidas releases postseason uniforms for their college basketball teams

adidas 2017 ncaab f
It’s March, which means that college basketball fans have reached the most wonderful time of the year in their opinion: March Madness! The NCAA Tournament is imminent, and as usual, Adidas has decided that this is the perfect time of year to give their teams new uniforms to wear for the Conference and National Tournaments.

In the recent past, this has normally given us reason to shudder because Adidas took some very strange risks with uniforms in the past. With that being said, the uniforms for this season appear to actually be really good-looking, as you can see below:

adidas 2017 ncaab

Take a good hard look at it! There isn’t a single eyesore in the bunch. In fact, I’d say that all of them are very solidly-designed.

adidas 2017 ncaab arizona state

adidas 2017 ncaab indiana

adidas 2017 ncaab kansas

adidas 2017 ncaab louisville

adidas 2017 ncaab miami

In their press release, Adidas gave reasoning for some of the different unique design elements for each of the uniforms. For instance, Mississippi State has a sublimated cowbell pattern on their shorts, the schools with NCAA titles under their belts have the years of those titles printed on the inside of the jersey, and Nebraska’s shorts are actually a bit of a throwback to the warm-ups the team wore during the 90s. This isn’t Nebraska and Adidas’ first go-around with this particular design, and let’s just say that this is better than their first try.

adidas 2017 ncaab nebraska

adidas 2017 ncaab mississippi state

adidas 2017 ncaab nc state

adidas 2017 ncaab texas a&m

Overall, these are all pretty good uniforms and I can’t imagine that alumni and fans of any of these schools will have much to complain about as they start rooting for their teams during tournament season. It’s definitely much better than what we’ve seen from Adidas in recent years, and it seems like we’re starting to see a turning point when it comes to Adidas and their sports uniforms.