Brazilian soccer team Cruzeiro spreads awareness on International Women’s Day

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We don’t normally shine a spotlight on Brazilian soccer here, but this time we had to make an exception. It’s International Women’s Day, and while we’re hoping that everybody is doing what they can to pay tribute to the women who make our world go ’round, it’s nice to see sports teams getting in on the act as well.

Top-tier Brazilian side Cruzeiro will be playing a match in the Copa do Brasil (Brazilian Cup) tonight, and they’ll be wearing special jerseys to mark the occasion. They aren’t throwbacks, nor do they have some sort of wacky design going on. Instead, each jersey has a message and/or statistic that corresponds with each jersey number and highlights the struggles and issues that women deal with — both in Brazil and across the globe.

cruzeiro women's day

Twitter user @8Alves8 composed a thread that translated all of the messages to English. So if you can’t understand Portuguese, then this is your chance to get the message that Cruzeiro are trying to send here.

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Overall, this is an extremely cool idea and another example of sports clubs — particularly soccer clubs — doing the right thing when it comes to highlighting social issues. It would be nice to see other sports teams do this in the future, but for now, we have to give props to Cruzeiro for taking the lead and bringing important issues to the forefront on a very important day.