Michigan is forced to wear practice uniforms for Big 10 tournament game

michigan practice uniforms 2
It’s been a weird couple of days for the Michigan Wolverines basketball team. The team was supposed to fly out of the state yesterday to Washington D.C. for the Big 10 Conference tournament, but they were involved in a plane accident upon takeoff. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident, but it caused a big hassle for the team when it came to travel.

As a result, they had to fly into Washington D.C. today — on the same day as their game against Illinois in the tournament. What made things even more of a hassle for Michigan was the fact that their uniforms were stuck on the plane that was involved in the accident on Wednesday. As a result, the Wolverines were forced to wear their practice uniforms during an actual game.

Michigan practice uniforms 1

The good news for Michigan is that despite all of the craziness that went down, they still managed to win their game against Illinois in convincing fashion. There’s no word on when they’ll be back in their regular uniforms, but for now the Wolverines are doing a pretty good job of adjusting to a strange situation.

I will say this, though: Michigan was forced to wear mismatched uniforms by circumstance. What’s your excuse, Atlanta Hawks?