Moose Turn Back Clock, Wear 1990s Throwbacks

Manitoba Moose Throwback Uniform

The Manitoba Moose, American Hockey League affiliate (and roommate) of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets turned back the clock for their game yesterday afternoon against the Toronto Marlies.

Manitoba took to the ice wearing the uniforms originally worn by the club when they played in the old International Hockey League who wore them from 1996 through 2001. That uniform design and logo actually originated in Saint Paul, MN in 1994 where they were worn by the Minnesota Moose, only the geographic name on the logo changed when the franchise relocated to Winnipeg in 1996. The Moose joined the AHL in the fall of 2001, they moved to St. John, Newfoundland and Labrador when the Jets returned to the NHL in 2011 before relocating back to Winnipeg in 2015 taking on the Manitoba Moose name and logo retired when they left.

Moose Throwbacks

The design used by the club yesterday was very faithful to the original design, even incorporating the moose-antler style numbers in the original colours used by the club at the time.

A look at that original uniform from this 1999-2000 season promotional card:

Manitoba Moose 1999

A full photo gallery of the throwbacks in action can be seen here. The Moose lost the game to the Marlies 5-4.