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Charlotte Knights will cook out and become Pitmasters for one night

Charlotte Pitmasters
The Charlotte Knights have a pretty simple visual identity for a minor league baseball team. In a world of Baby Cakes, Jumbo Shrimp, Scrappers, and Iron Pigs, the Knights are relatively tame in comparison to most of their counterparts.

However, for one night in this upcoming mid-July, that will change. The Knights have announced that on July 15th, they will pay tribute to the city’s history of delicious barbecue by becoming the Charlotte Pitmasters for one night only.

From the team’s press release:

“We’ll always be proud to be the Charlotte Knights,” stated Rob Egan, Knights General Manager of Baseball Operations. “But for one night this season, we’re thrilled to honor BBQ lovers all across the Carolinas with this unique new brand. We hope that our fans enjoy the new design and get behind this special theme night. We will have plenty of delicious BBQ fare that night as well.”

The Pitmasters brand consists of BBQ Sauce Brown (burnt orange on crown of the cap), Pulled Pork Brown (brown color in the logos), Sandwich Orange (orange on top half of the bun), and Sandwich Gold (gold on the bottom of the bun). The cornerstone of the Pitmasters brand is a pulled pork sandwich character named “Smokey”, who is calling his shot as he attempts to “smoke the ball” out of the friendly confines of BB&T Ballpark.

Here’s a look at the uniforms, which might put you in the mood for a pulled pork sandwich (similarly to how the Montgomery Biscuits would make you want to hit up your local breakfast/brunch spot for a nice, flaky biscuit).


Personally, I would’ve gone with the “Sandwich Orange” hat as the official on-field hat instead of the primary, but if you’re going for a wacky one-off look then you may as well pull out all the stops, so the tri-panel cap works here. Everything else works for the most part. It’s a fun look and it should make a decent amount of merchandising money for the Knig– I mean, the Pitmasters for one night.

What do you all think? Did the Pitmasters cook up a winner for you with this look?