Minnesota Timberwolves will reveal new logo on April 11

As we all know, the Minnesota Timberwolves are set to update their identity for the 2017-18 season and behind with a new logo set and tweaked colors. We knew the change was coming, but we didn’t have an exact date on when the Timberwolves would pull off the change. We now know when the change is coming, and we won’t even have to wait until after the regular season is over.

The T-Wolves have announced that they will unveil their new logo on April 11th during their final home game of the season. They also delivered a sneak peek at the new color scheme, as they prominently used the color scheme of navy blue and lime green in the image that came with the announcement. The same image also contained the tree pattern that was present when the team initially announced the change.

wolves green 2

Here’s more information about the unveiling:

The announcement is also the beginning of an eventful summer as the Wolves brand continues to evolve. There will be several future announcements regarding the unveiling of the new team uniforms, new court designs and additional events throughout the coming months.

The new Wolves identity is constructed around an updated color palette and was created over the past 12 months as part of a collaborative effort between Minnesota Timberwolves ownership, team executives, the NBA and Mississippi-based design expert Rodney Richardson. Richardson’s resume includes recent identity designs for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, New Orleans Pelicans, Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings and various brands across the world of sports and entertainment.

The latter part of that quote should come as good news if you’re a T-Wolves fan, since all of those teams have very nice logos, and it would be a huge upset if this turned out to be a whiff. With that being said the Timberwolves must be feeling pretty good about what they’ve got in store for their fans if they’re not even waiting until after the season is over to reveal the new logo.

So, are you all excited about the new change? There’s no way that the Timberwolves can mess this up, right?