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NFL may allow teams to opt out of wearing “garish” Color Rush uniforms

NFL Color Rush 2016
Despite the fact that Thursday Night Football doesn’t exactly give NFL fans the most exciting product, there’s still one interesting reason to tune in — so we can all gawk at the crazy Color Rush uniforms that the NFL and Nike have come up with for these games. Design-wise, these uniforms have been hit-or-miss (mostly miss, in my opinion) and some players have even publicly criticized the uniforms.

Fortunately, there may be a way out for some teams. The NFL is currently weighing rule changes and one of those changes would be to allow teams to opt out of wearing the Color Rush uniforms. Here’s the proposed rule change:

Conflicting Club Colors

19.9 (B) The home club shall have the option of deciding whether the visiting club
shall wear white jerseys or shall wear the colors awarded to the visiting
team in any League game, regular season or preseason. The home club is
obligated to give written notice to the visiting club and to the
Commissioner of its decision on the colors of the jerseys to be worn by
the visiting club, which notification must be given by July 1st of the year
in which the game is scheduled to be played. If either participating club
fails to conform to the jersey colors designated for such game, then there
shall be an automatic fine
against the offending club of $5,000, which sum shall be payable to the
League office; provided, however, that there shall be no discipline
imposed upon a club that elects not to utilize the jersey colors designated
pursuant to 2014 Resolution BV-2. Despite the foregoing, in the event
that the colors of the participating teams as so designated are in conflict
for a League game, regular season or preseason, the Commissioner shall
have the right to designate the traditional colors to be used by the
competing teams in such game.

Submitted by Washington

Effect: Permits clubs to opt out of the “color rush” jerseys created for Thursday
Night Football.
Reason: Garish uniforms.

There are two interesting things to note here: The first is the fact that the league is acknowledging that some of these Color Rush uniforms are indeed garish, and secondly, the team who proposed this rule change was Washington. They didn’t wear their Color Rush uniforms last season, so here’s a reminder of what they had in store:

washington color rush

I’d say that this falls in the category of “garish,” so shout-out to Washington for being honest about their uniforms and trying to do their part in making sure that we don’t have to look at any more wacky Color Rush uniforms.

Hopefully this will pass so that certain teams won’t unleash their wild Color Rush uniforms on us. I know that Blake Bortles will probably be rooting for this rule change to go through as well, so that he won’t have to wear this particularly “garish” uniform.

Jaguars 1

What do you all make of this? Which Color Rush uniforms do you want to see fall victim to this rule change?