Eagles owner confirms that they want to bring back kelly green uniforms

Eagles kelly green
Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles made waves with both football fans and fans of common sense when they made a rule change proposal to the NFL with the purpose of bringing back alternate helmets. Unfortunately, the team withdrew their proposal because the NFL’s competition committee told them that the rule change probably wouldn’t pass. The No Fun League once again lives up to its nickname!

However, the idea of seeing the Eagles wearing Kelly Green again may not be dead just yet. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie actually admitted that the reasoning behind the proposal is mostly because he wants to see the team wear Kelly Green again in the near future. He spoke to CSN Philly recently explained the situation the best he could.

When asked why the league doesn’t currently allow alternate helmets to be worn, Lurie declined to get into the specifics, saying it’s a “complicated scenario.” But he also seemed optimistic that eventually, the Eagles will be back in Kelly green. While Lurie preached patience in football matters, he admitted he’s a little more impatient on this topic.

Lurie’s plan is to at first try the Kelly green jerseys as an alternate for two or three games, but didn’t rule out the possibility of making a full-time switch back to the fan-favorite color.

Could the Eagles be returning to these colors permanently?
Could the Eagles be returning to these colors permanently?

First, I’m going to say that I appreciate Lurie for being smart enough to know that midnight green helmets combined with Kelly Green jerseys would be terrible — even with different decals that matched with the throwback-era helmet wings.

However, it’s a shame that the NFL doesn’t seem ready to budge on this silly one-helmet rule. As a result, this means that we could see the team actually return to Kelly green full-time when an alternate look would do. The Eagles already look good in Midnight green, and the throwbacks would be a nice touch and a huge upgrade over their unnecessary black alternate uniforms.

Still, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to see the Eagles return to their classic Kelly green look on a full-time basis. Plenty of teams across sports are returning to their classic looks, and the Eagles could be the next team to do so.

What do you all think? Should the Eagles return to Kelly green full-time? Or should they wait for the NFL to actually get smart and lift the dumb one-helmet rule? Let us know what you think!