Detroit Lions may have partially leaked their new uniforms

Lions New Logo
The Detroit Lions are going to have a new look this season, as they’ve eliminated black from their color scheme in favor of going back to their classic color scheme of Honolulu blue and silver. Naturally, the change will come with new uniforms, which will be unveiled on April 13th.

Detroit Lions New Logo 2017

We know that it’s coming out on April 13th because the Lions sent out an image with the date on it. However, a fan on Twitter “enhanced” the image and ended up partially revealing the Lions’ new uniforms.

h/t to Josh Hein on Twitter
h/t to Josh Hein on Twitter

So, here’s what we can make out from the image:

  • • The home and away uniform appear to be standard fare as far as the uniform is concerned. The Lions have been wearing Northwestern stripes on their helmets and jerseys for decades now, and that doesn’t appear to be changing.
  • • The Lions are back to wearing silver facemasks, after wearing either blue or black since the mid-80s.
  • • A big change is the fact that it appears that they’ve placed the new “Lions” script logo onto the sleeve stripes. That’s an interesting wrinkle.
  • • The numbers appear to have the same serifs as the font of the script logo, so there’s that.
  • • Matthew Stafford is wearing a plain blue jersey with no striping or numbers on the sleeves. I’d say that’s a tell-tale sign that the throwbacks are coming back.
  • • There’s a silver jersey as well, which appears to be the Color Rush uniform. This is also the uniform where you get the clearest look at the script logo on the sleeve stripes.

It’ll be very interesting to see the final product once it’s revealed next month, but for now, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what the uniforms will look like from the waist up, at least. As long as there’s nothing crazy going on with the pants, this is probably going to be a solid identity tweak for the Lions.

What do you all think? Do you agree that this is going to be a solid look for the Lions based on the information that we have now? Or should they have stuck with what they had before?