Vegas Golden Knights Uniform Leaks, Features LED Lights

Vegas Golden Knights Logo


UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. This one caught me by surprise in that so many people actually liked the idea of LED lights on a hockey jersey, so just remember where Adidas got the idea if it ever happens. To be clear, no, Vegas will not have LED lights on their uniform, and the design featured throughout this post was completely fabricated by yours truly.   — Chris.


C’mon, we all knew this wouldn’t stay hidden forever.

Thanks for a very reliable inside source we have gotten an *exclusive* first look at the new uniform for the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s newest franchise set to hit the ice for the first time this fall.

The story from the source is that while walking past a colleague’s desk they noticed the official stylesheet featuring the Golden Knights uniforms was open and quickly took a snapshot. I can’t say much about the source but I can say that knowing where they are employed, they would certainly be in a position to come across this.

Here’s the photo they sent in:
Vegas Jersey Leak 2017

Okay so first things, grey jersey with gold sleeves, wordmark across the waist which, okay, I guess… some sort of pattern on the sleeve stripes… wait, what’s the note next to the mockup?

Closer inspection:
Vegas Jersey Leak LEDS

It’s a little blurry but our source tells us it’s basically saying there’s red stars on the sleeves but you can only see them “when LEDs active”.

Hey… it’s Vegas, baby! Let’s put some lights on this jersey!

Another look at the jersey:

Vegas Jersey Leak Close upSo what can we gather from this? It looks like Adidas is working on some crazy hi-tech stuff here. Maybe the LEDs are activated remotely and blink after every Vegas goal? Imagine during the pre-game introductions with the lights turned down and all the players jerseys blinking? Now that would be pretty awesome, and very Las Vegas.

This would obviously be a first-of-it’s-kind anywhere in professional sports, let alone hockey. If they’re planning this for the Vegas team, who knows what other new things we could see for their league-wide uniform roll out next season.

Unfortunately no shot of the road jersey, or the back of the uniform but I think this gives us a good idea of what to expect of the set once the new season starts, seeing how it’s already April 1st we really shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to see these in action.

Goodnight everybody.