Jerry West is ready for the NBA to find a new logo man

nba logo
Ever since the 1971-72 season, the NBA’s league logo has been modeled after the silhouette of the legendary Los Angeles Lakers guard Jerry West. That means that West has spent much of his life (and even a couple seasons of his career as a player!) as “The Logo.” Some people would take that honor and cherish it for life.

That’s not the case for West, who recently admitted on ESPN’s “The Jump” that not only does he want the NBA to find a new logo, but he also wished that it never became public knowledge that he was the man used for the logo.

west nba logo

Additionally, Jerry West confirmed in an interview with Graham Bensinger that he’s not being paid royalties for being “The Logo.” Needless to say, West didn’t have the foresight that the former owners of the St. Louis Spirits did when they made their deal with the NBA back in the ’70s.

So it’s definitely understandable that West would be a bit reluctant to keep on going forward as the logo, and he’s offered suggestions as to should serve as the new logo of the NBA. He did mention Michael Jordan as a possible candidate, and of course people ran with that idea. “The Jump” did so by mocking up the iconic Nike Jumpman logo in NBA colors.

NBA logo jordan

Meanwhile, we actually covered a story about a possible replacement for West being the logo, and here’s our take on MJ being the replacement:

michael jordan nba logo

Either way, it’s clear that Jerry West is ready to move on from being the logo of the NBA, and considering how progressive the NBA tends to be on things like this, it’s possible that we could see a change at some point in the future. The NBA logo has been around for decades, but if any of the “Big 4” North American sports leagues would undergo a major change like this, it’s the NBA.

What do you all think? Will the NBA acquiesce to Jerry West’s request and find a new man to be the logo?