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Detroit Lions officially unveil new uniforms

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The Detroit Lions have officially unveiled the uniforms that we got a sneak peek at a while back. While the leak may have taken off a bit of the surprise, it definitely hasn’t taken away from what appears to be a decent upgrade for Detroit.

The most interesting thing here is that while the new “LIONS” script has indeed been placed on the right sleeve, it’s not on both sleeves.

Lions 2017 1

Instead, the Lions chose to move their tribute to William Clay Ford from the chest to the left sleeve. It’s similar to how the Bears pay tribute to George S. Halas on the left sleeve of their uniforms, and it’s also a clear indication that the WCF tribute will be staying on Detroit’s uniforms for the foreseeable future.

Lions 2017 2

Meanwhile, the uniforms are basically what we expected, and that’s a good thing. Personally, I would’ve gone with darker numbers and a lighter outline for the numbers, but I’m not mad at what the Lions chose for the home uniforms.

Lions 2017 3

Lions 2017 9

The away uniforms are interesting if only because of the fact that the team has brought back blue pants! Detroit wore blue pants for one season back in 1998, and here’s hoping that they stick around for longer than just a season this time around, because this is a really sharp look for the Lions.

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The Lions will be clad in silver from head-to-toe in their Color Rush uniforms. As far as Color Rush uniforms go, this is probably one of the better looking uniforms that you’ll get from that set, so you won’t have to avert your eyes when it’s the Lions turn to get into the spirit of things.

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And finally, the team has confirmed that they’ll be wearing throwback uniforms for their annual Thanksgiving home game. These uniforms may be incredibly simple and basic, but it’s always nice to see them once a year on Thanksgiving.

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The Lions also built a lovely interactive webpage that gives you a closer look at the details behind the uniforms, and we definitely encourage you to check it out. You should especially mess around with the 360 degrees comparison of the old and new uniforms.

Lions 2017 10

Now that you’ve got a clear look at the new uniforms and how they’ve meshed with the updated visual identity, what do you all think? Was this a successful refresh for the Lions?