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A Vegas Tease: Golden Knights Tweet Uniform Pic?

Vegas Golden Knights Logo

Did the Vegas Golden Knights give us a little tease of their new uniform earlier today?

While Tweeting out an announcement for a new television deal the official Golden Knights social media account included a photo which may have given us a brief glimpse of their new look. The photo showed two hockey players facing off, one player clearly wearing a Golden Knights inspired design on their pants.

Take a look:

Vegas Uniform Tweet

The star design featured here looks fairly similar to the Knights’ secondary logo, but whether this will actually be the pants the team uses…? We have no idea at this point. (We actually do know now, see update at bottom of this post)

Vegas Stripe and Logo

But moving on to something we do know.

Earlier this month, SinBin.Vegas found an Adidas branded Golden Knights 2017 NHL Draft Cap, photo below:

Vegas Draft Cap Leak

The cap featured striping on the side which we are now able to confirm is consistent with striping featured on the yet-to-be-released Golden Knights uniforms. Helpful as we now get an idea of the ratio of gold to red we will see on that uniform set.

Vegas is expected to unveil their expansion season uniform set on June 21, 2017.


UPDATE: I’ve since learned the pant striping detail shown in the Tweet from the team will not be present on the Golden Knights uniforms, the striping on the cap shown just above this update is still very legit, however.