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MLB Teams Wearing Green This Weekend for Memorial Day 2017

MLB Memorial Day Caps 2017

All thirty Major League Baseball teams will be wearing camouflage-inspired caps, jerseys, and socks throughout the weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) in honour of the U.S. Memorial Day holiday.

We’ve got a new camouflage style this year, no longer using the USMC design the league is now going with what they’re calling “ripstop woodland” camouflage. The use of camouflage has been downplayed versus previous seasons, now appearing only on bill of cap and on the new Stance socks; there’s no camo anywhere on the jersey itself.

Caps are olive green with each respective team logo re-coloured black and green, the visor features the new ripstop woodland camo pattern. On the side of each cap are five black stars representing the five branches of the United States Military. The Toronto Blue Jays caps will instead have four maple leaves on the side in place of the stars. Despite not being a holiday in Canada, the Blue Jays choose to participate as an opportunity to honour those who have served in the Canadian Military.

2017 MLB Memorial Day Socks

Jerseys are either white, grey, or Arizona Diamondbacks. As the Memorial Day weekend extends through to a Monday, many of these teams will be going from home to road (or vise-versa) during this uniform series and therefore require both a home and road version of the set; in these cases their cap remains the same for both the home and road games. Note there’s no camouflage anywhere on the jersey, just a re-colouring of everything to flat green; the five stars from the cap are carried over to the sleeve:

Seattle Mariners 2017 Memorial Day Jersey

Memorial Day will see one sock design option for each team. Quite simply, it’s the new camouflage pattern carried over from the cap visor.

MLB Memorial Day Socks 2017

A look at the 43(!) different Memorial Day uniforms to be worn between May 27th and 29th, click on the image below for a much larger version of it:

2017 MLB Memorial Day Weekend Uniforms
2017 MLB Memorial Day Weekend Uniforms (click image for a closer look)

As always, all of MLB’s proceeds from the sale of the Memorial Day caps, jerseys, and socks will be donated to MLB Charities — which are used to support programs for military veterans and their families.