MLB auctions, pulls, then still auctions off Hunter Strickland jersey from Memorial Day brawl

hunter strickland
Back on Memorial Day, what was lost in the shuffle of a controversial (and petty) brawl between Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland and Nationals superstar Bryce Harper was the fact that both teams were wearing camo’d-up uniforms for the occasion of Memorial Day. As such, all of the game-worn Giants jerseys and caps were up for auction after the game, and that included Strickland’s jersey.

Obviously, Strickland’s gear was the hottest topic up for auction. According to The Washington Post, Strickland’s jersey peaked at $1,500 and his cap peaked at $390. It’s easy to understand why this was a hot commodity, but it’s also easy to understand why this wasn’t exactly a good look for MLB.

ESPN’s Buster Olney pointed out that it looked like baseball was trying to profit off of the fight while at the same time suspending one of the players who was involved in instigating the fight, and that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to criticism that MLB received for trying to auction off this jersey. As a result, MLB eventually called off the auction.

Again, this wasn’t a good look for MLB so it’s wise that they eventually came to their senses and called off the auction. Weirdly enough, the jersey is currently listed as having been auctioned off for $200. It’s a far cry from $1,500, but it’s still strange that they apparently decided to sell the jersey anyways.

Either way, it appears that the only person who really came out looking good in this ordeal is the person who potentially saved $1,300 on a game-worn jersey. It was a smart move on the winner’s part, but MLB didn’t exactly come off with any type of situational awareness here. What do you all think, though? Is it fair or foul for MLB to sell the jersey that was worn during a fight while also trying to act like fights are bad for the game?