Milwaukee Bucks Celebrate 50 Years With New Anniversary Logo

Bucks 50th

The Milwaukee Bucks are turning 50 years old next season, and they’ll do so with a special commemorative logo.

Posted this morning to their official social media accounts, the Bucks 50th anniversary logo features their new deer head logo (fear it!) inside a green and cream circle, a large “50” in white behind and the years 1968 and 2018.

Milwaukee Bucks 50th anniversary logo 2017-2018

The logo will not be worn on the team’s jerseys during the 2017-18 season, presumably as that space will be reserved for advertisement patches throughout the NBA. The logo will be used for merchandise and appear in promotional materials.

If we look back at the Bucks’ history of commemorative anniversary logos you’ll notice a couple of things, first, every anniversary takes place during a different logo era and colour scheme. Second, it’s the first (of the ones I’ve seen, anyways) to exclude a triangle as a main element of the logo:

Bucks Anniversary Logos

Milwaukee will be announcing another new logo this month, their new D/G-League team the Wisconsin Herd is scheduled to unveil the logo for their expansion season on June 22nd.