Adidas Drops New NHL Team Jersey Teasers


Welp, the NHL didn’t wait long to turn the focus on next season did they?

Less than twelve hours after Sidney Crosby hoisted Stanley’s Mug over his head for the third time the official social media accounts of teams all across the league began posting teasers of their new Adidas jerseys for 2017-18.

Using the hashtag #FormTheFuture, the teaser images all showed a closeup of a portion of the jersey crest on the home jersey. For the most part this is far too limited a look to see any of the changes we’ve been hearing about… with a few exceptions.

For a few teams we saw what looked to be a new material being used in the crest, this material almost mimicked what looked to be the actual jersey material itself. This was not present on all teams but certainly a few, an example can be seen on the Wild photo here:

Minnesota Wild Adidas Jersey Teaser
A horizontal stripe on a green jersey for the Minnesota Wild

Minnesota showed us the most, thanks to their teaser image we now know the Wild will be wearing a green jersey at home with their primary logo as the crest and a horizontal stripe (white? cream?) across the front behind it. Very reminiscent of their recent outdoor game jersey.

The Golden Knights got in on the fun, confirming that the home jersey will be grey rather than black, also thanks to a little slider toggling in Photoshop, it appears as though the crest has some extra flair within the shield. Now we’re talking!

Buffalo crushed some dreams, the shade of blue used on the jersey is staying the same. The logo also appears to be keeping the extra outlines all over the place.

Calgary similarly disappointed many, their teaser showed a black “C” logo destroying any hope they’d be going back to their 1980s look.

Here’s a look at all the teams which posted teasers so far today, at the time of writing this post there were 26 with 5 still to come:

UPDATE: Nashville has since released their teaser, added to the list below. Four to go.

All thirty-one new team jerseys will be unveiled at an event in Las Vegas on June 20th and SportsLogos.Net will be there to cover the event in-person. We’re being told that only the home jerseys for each team will be shown off on the 20th.