Adidas outfits four UEFA international teams with same kit

adidas same kit f
Over this past uniform cycle for soccer, we got on Nike a bit for the fact that a lot of the teams that they’re currently outfitting ran out in kits that were very similar to each other — to the point where you really could’ve argued that the only changes were in color and crest.

While you could argue that this was lazy design work on the part of Nike, you have to give them a tiny bit of credit for at least trying to switch things up with this cycle. Meanwhile, it appears that Adidas has been doing the same thing but flying under the radar. The crew over at Footy Headlines figured it out and they pointed out the fact that Adidas has basically outfitted four of their national teams with nearly the same exact kit.

Take a look at the kits for Armenia, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, and San Marino.

adidas same kit

Although not all of these kits are the first-choice for these countries, they happened to wear them during the same matchday. Whoops!

adidas same kit san marino

Adidas same kit luxembourg

adidas same kit faroe islands

Adidas same kit armenia

While you have to give Adidas loads of credit for stepping up their kit design level as of late (seriously, most of the new kits for MLS and abroad are absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion), this is definitely a hilarious misstep on their part. Of course, it’s very difficult to come up with unique designs for the doezens of countries that are under their umbrella and these kits do have slight differences so they’re not exactly identical. Still, they surely could do better than this, right?

With that being said, what do you think about the initial kit design itself? If you’re going to outfit four teams in the same template, it should at least look decent on the pitch.